Bucci And Partners deals with the design of a broader type of work providing support to architects and engineers are looking for innovative solutions and supporting them in the design of highly complex works.

Planning requires the synergy of different skills, all united in the research of the project, meaning very good, not only the “beautiful”, but also the functional, practical, efficient.

A work extraordinarily beautiful but expensive and complex is not necessarily the best of all possible projects, but it is only one of the possible projects. Bucci And Partners supports its clients throughout the entire creative cycle, from the first idea to the executive phases, providing the necessary know-how to the full success of the project.

The knowledge gained in over 10 years of experience in the design of works of great architectural significance, numerical analysis, in three-dimensional modeling, finite element simulation and ability to ad hoc development of algorithms for the solution of complex problems, allows Bucci And Partners to tackle a project in all its most important aspects.

The experience as architects and engineers in international teams has enabled us to develop a critical understanding of the group and face the challenges of designing with a holistic approach, integrating the architectural design with the structural, formal optimization with the functional.